Total Engineering Services is one of the UK’s largest motor claims engineering providers and has grown in partnership with many of the the country’s leading insurers.

Originally formed in 2001, Total Loss Settlement Services evolved to be the country’s leading total loss motor loss adjusters. Our journey has seen us develop by attracting highly qualified engineering resources, plus embedding our own recruitment & training programme, building the business every step of the way.

Our company has developed through a programme of technology integration, process re-engineering and the simple, but continuing, quest for excellence in all forms of engineering service.

In a business that services, under delegated authority, literally tens of thousands of claims a year, collaborates with over one thousand accident repair centres and operates with claims and FNOL staff on a hourly basis, we have both the skills and desire to deliver engineering excellence to insurers either as a full, or part, outsourced solution.

We routinely ask our partners, ‘How easy is it for clients to work with us?’ Over the years some interesting innovations have come out of these discussions.

Client Notice Board

Clients can leave instructions or requests on a claim file for the originating engineer within THE CLAIMS HUB. This is highlighted to the engineers when they log on for direct action.

Open House

TLSS encourage insurance claims teams to visit the company to gain a greater understanding of the level of detail, and methods they use in undertaking engineering services on behalf of their policyholders.


Recognising that claims staff when asked to use third party systems can become confused, the SKINS project sought to over lay a clients branding on the CLAIMS HUB to make the experience of the using the system more recognisable.

Instant Messaging

In 2015 Total Loss Settlement Services has extended its internal CHAT system that allows for individual and group conversations between engineers and administrators on claims to allow insurer claims staff to undertake real time requests for information from our engineering and administration staff. This service has been introduced to reduce delays caused by phone queues when claims staff need additional information to complete claims.